Lemon Law

Help With Your Lemon Law/Auto Warranty Problem

If you have an automobile warranty problem, your Better Business Bureau wants to help. On this page are resources to assist you.

File A Lemon Law/Auto Warranty Complaint

If your auto manufacturer participates in BBB AUTO LINE, we can assist you with mediation and, if necessary, an informal arbitration hearing. If your manufacturer doesn't participate, we'll route your complaint to the right forum to help you get a resolution.

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Learn More About State Lemon Laws

Every state, along with the District of Columbia, has a lemon law. Lemon laws establish a standard for when vehicles should be re-purchased or replaced by the manufacturer.

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Learn More About BBB AUTO LINE Lemon Law Programs

Founded in 1978, BBB AUTO LINE is the nation's oldest and most respected auto warranty dispute resolution program. You can get more information about AUTO LINE rules, procedures and participating manufacturers.

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