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Key Factors Affecting Your Vehicle's Diminished Value

Discover the key factors influencing your vehicle’s diminished value after an accident, such as the extent of damage, quality of repairs, and vehicle age. Learn how these factors can impact your car’s worth and navigate the diminished value claim process with confidence. ….. Learn More

How Diminished Value is Calculated

This comprehensive guide explores how diminished value is calculated for vehicles involved in accidents, taking into account factors such as severity of damage, age, type of vehicle, location of the accident, and quality of repair work. Learn about different calculation methods, including the 17c formula, market comparison, and loss in resale value approach, to better estimate your vehicle’s losses and understand how they may impact resale value. ….. Learn More

When is the best time to file a diminished value claim?

Learn about the best time to file a diminished value claim after a car accident. Find out how to determine the diminished value of your vehicle, when to obtain a post-repair inspection report, and the steps to follow when filing a claim. Get expert guidance on how to navigate the process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve….. Learn More

Diminished Value Claims

We explain the different types of diminished value claims and make the process of evaluating your vehicle’s value simple and affordable. How much have you lost?…. Learn More

Know Your Vehicle Repair Rights!

If you were not at fault in the accident, the answer is simple. You are entitled to all costs and expenses caused by the negligence of the at-fault party. Those expenses include… Learn More

Lemon Law Info

Get help with your lemon law/auto warranty problem. If you have an automobile warranty problem, your Better Business Bureau wants to help. We have resources to assist you… Learn More

Is Diminished Value on a Vehicle Negotiable?

Anyone who feels they are not being fairly compensated by an insurance company after an accident has the freedom to try to negotiate with them…. Learn More

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