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DiminishedValueAssessment.com is different from other vehicle diminished value appraisal companies. Over 30 years’ experience in vehicle appraisal, along with knowledge of the auto insurance claims process and our partnership with Black Book ®, has enabled us to create a fully automated system for vehicle diminished value assessments. The result is an on-line, low-cost, instant diminished value report system providing auto diminished value assessment reports that are accurate, easy to understand and instantly available.

Now, there is no need to speak to anyone who is just going to try to sell you an expensive service that may not work anyway. Most diminished value appraisers charge a service fee of $300.00 to over $1,000.00. At DiminishedValueAssessment.com our most expensive service fee is under $100.00 and there are options even less than that. You can select Option #1 for $19.95 to see the amount of diminished value determined by our automated system displayed right on screen. Then you can upgrade to option #2 or Option #3 and receive full credit for the initial purchase. You only pay the difference.

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There are many things that effect the value of a vehicle, including; its age, options, mileage, general condition, color, geographical location, prior damage history, etc. The DVASSESS system takes into account and provides you with a fast, accurate, immediate, online, diminished value assessment. Armed with our assessment, vehicle owners all over the United States are able determine the amount of value their vehicle has lost and to present their claim and negotiate a fair settlement for the diminished value of their vehicle.

Option #1 - Basic

This basic, instant assessment will show you how much value your vehicle has lost. Your diminished value amount will be displayed on screen instantly. Then you will see your upgrade options.

Option #2 - Plus

This is our printable DVASSESS Diminished Value Assessment Report. This report can be printed for submission to the at-fault party for payment.

Option #3 - Complete

This option includes the DVASSESS report as in option #2, PLUS you get claim instructions, a sample claim demand letter, negotiating points and other helpful & information. Option #3 is the best value.