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Understanding Diminished Value in Illinois

Red pickup truck with significant accident damage on the rear side panel and taillight, mud on tires, in a barren field.
Impact of an Accident on Vehicle Value - A Red Pickup Truck with Major Damage in Illinois.

If you’re a vehicle owner in Illinois dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, you might be faced with more than just repair costs. There’s also the often-overlooked impact on your car’s value, known as “vehicle diminished value.” Here’s what you need to know about pursuing a diminished value claim in Illinois.

What is Vehicle Diminished Value?

Diminished value refers to the reduction in a vehicle’s market value occurring as a result of an accident and subsequent repairs. Essentially, even after a vehicle is fully repaired, it may not fetch the same selling price as a comparable model that hasn’t been in an accident. This depreciation is something you can claim compensation for under Illinois law.

Types of Diminished Value in Illinois

  1. Inherent Diminished Value: This is the most common type of diminished value, and refers to the loss in value resulting from the mere fact that the vehicle has been involved in an accident. This type of loss takes into account that potential buyers will likely pay less for a vehicle that has been in an accident compared to one that hasn’t, even if all repairs have been performed perfectly.

  2. Repair-Related Diminished Value: This occurs when the vehicle’s value decreases due to less-than-optimal repairs. For example, if non-original parts were used or if the repair did not restore the car to its original condition, the vehicle can lose value.

  3. Immediate Diminished Value: This is calculated as the difference in resale value of the vehicle immediately before and after the accident, before any repairs are made. It is not commonly claimed in Illinois because it involves not repairing the vehicle before selling it, which is rare.

How to File an Auto Diminished Value Claim in Illinois?

To successfully file a diminished value claim in Illinois, you’ll need to:

    • Prove the Loss: Demonstrate that your vehicle has lost value as a result of an accident. This usually requires an appraisal from a professional vehicle appraiser who can compare your vehicle’s value before and after the accident.

    • Document the Claim: Collect and present all relevant documents including accident reports, repair bills, and correspondence with insurance companies.

    • Notify Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance provider about your intention to pursue a diminished value claim. This is typically done after the vehicle has been repaired.

    • Negotiate with the Insurance Company: Armed with your appraisal report and supporting documents, you’ll need to negotiate with your insurer to secure the best possible compensation.

Understanding these aspects of diminished value in Illinois is crucial for ensuring you’re adequately compensated for the loss in your vehicle’s value. If you need assistance or a detailed assessment, consider reaching out to professional services that specialize in diminished value claims to help guide you through the process.

Discovering the DVASSESS Method for Diminished Value Claims in Illinois

Navigating the aftermath of a vehicle accident is stressful enough without cumbersome processes. Our online platform simplifies the diminished value claim process, allowing Illinois residents to complete assessments and receive guidance digitally, without the hassle of physical appointments or lengthy wait times.

Rapid Results

At DVASSESS, we understand the urgency of insurance claims. Our online system delivers immediate preliminary assessments and detailed reports for formal claims are prepared with unmatched speed, ensuring you can proceed with your claim swiftly.

Affordable Options for Every Need

We believe every vehicle owner should have access to affordable diminished value assessments. Our tiered pricing model includes:

  • Basic Access ($19.95): Quick online diminished value figures.
  • Standard Report ($69.95): Detailed, downloadable reports suitable for formal claims.
  • Premium Service ($89.95): Includes everything in the Standard Report plus additional resources like claim instructions, a sample letter, and negotiation strategies.

Accurate and Reliable

Our assessments are backed by data from Black Book and over a decade of appraisal expertise. We ensure that every assessment reflects the most current and accurate market conditions, giving you confidence in the value provided.

Focused on Illinois Market Dynamics

DVASSESS understands the specific market conditions and legal environment in Illinois, ensuring that our services are perfectly aligned with local requirements. Whether you are in Chicago, Springfield, or Peoria, we provide services that are relevant to your location.


This basic, instant assessment will show you how much value your vehicle has lost. Your diminished value amount will be displayed on screen instantly. Then you will see your upgrade options.


This option includes the DVASSESS report as in option #2, PLUS you get instructions, a sample claim demand letter and negotiating points.


This is our printable DVASSESS Diminished Value Assessment Report. This report can be printed for submission to the at-fault party for payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Diminished Value Claims in Illinois

Diminished value is the reduction in a vehicle’s market value after it has been involved in an accident, even after it has been fully repaired. This value loss reflects the potential reluctance of future buyers to pay the same price for a car that has an accident history compared to one without.

Any vehicle owner in Illinois whose car has lost value due to an accident and subsequent repairs is eligible to file a diminished value claim. This applies regardless of whether the accident was your fault or another driver’s.

To start a diminished value claim, you should first gather documentation such as the accident report, repair records, and any other relevant information about your vehicle’s condition and history. Contacting a professional appraisal service like DVASSESS can help you obtain an accurate estimate of the diminished value, which will be crucial in negotiating with insurance companies.

You will need your vehicle’s accident report, detailed repair invoices or statements showing the nature and cost of repairs, and possibly a professional diminished value appraisal. Photos of the damage before repair can also be helpful.

Yes, you can still file a diminished value claim in Illinois even if you were at fault. The key factor is not who caused the accident, but whether the vehicle lost value as a result of the accident and repairs.

Filing a diminished value claim should not affect your insurance premiums, especially if you are not at fault for the accident. However, the outcome can depend on the individual policies of your insurance provider.

DVASSESS offers several appraisal packages, starting at $59 for a basic on-screen assessment. More detailed reports are available for $129, and a comprehensive package with negotiation support is offered at $199.

If your insurance company denies your claim or offers compensation that does not adequately cover the diminished value, you can negotiate further by providing additional documentation or seek mediation or legal advice if necessary.

Helpful Illinois Resources for Diminished Value Claims

  • Website: Illinois Department of Insurance
  • This state agency offers guidance on insurance-related issues and can provide help if you have disputes with your insurance carrier.
  • Website: Illinois Secretary of State
  • Access important vehicle registration and title information that might be necessary when filing a claim.
  • Website: Illinois Legal Aid Online
  • For those seeking legal advice or assistance with claims, this resource offers free legal guidance and information.
  • Website: BBB Illinois
  • Useful for researching reputations of local appraisal services and insurance companies.
  • Website: NAIC
  • Provides information on insurance regulations and laws applicable to Illinois, useful for understanding your rights under local laws.
  • Website: DVASSESS
  • As specialists in diminished value assessments, our own resource can guide you through the process and provide the necessary tools to file your claim effectively.