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Diminished Value Claim Statute of Limitations by State

Each state has laws that indicate the time limit for pursuing your diminished value claim. These laws are referred to as the Statute of limitations. The listing below provides the time limit to pursue your claim for each state. The time starts on the date of your accident.

State Time limit for Diminished Value claim
Alabama 2 years
Alaska2 years
Arizona 2 years
Arkansas 3 years
California 3 years
Colorado3 years
Connecticut 2 years
Delaware2 years
DC 3 years
Florida4 years
Georgia4 years
Hawaii2 years
Idaho3 years
Illinois 5 years
Indiana2 years
Iowa 5 years
Kansas2 years
Kentucky2 years
Louisiana 1 year
Maine6 years
Maryland3 years
Massachusetts 3 years
Michigan 3 years
Minnesota6 years
Mississippi 3 years
Missouri5 years
Montana 2 years
Nebraska 4 years
Nevada 3 years
New Hampshire 3 years
New Jersey 6 years
New Mexico 4 years
New York 3 years
North Carolina 3 years
North Dakota 6 years
Ohio4 years
Oklahoma 2 years
Oregon6 years
Pennsylvania 2 years
Rhode Island 10 years
South Carolina 3 years
South Dakota 6 years
Tennessee 3 years
Texas2 years
Utah3 years
Vermont 3 years
Virginia5 years
Washington3 years
West Virginia 2 years
Wisconsin6 years
Wyoming 4 years

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